Cryptocurrency is digital currency built with cryptographic protocols that make transactions secure and difficult to fake. It is not controlled by any government or central authority: the decentralized nature of cryptocurrency makes it theoretically immune to government control and interference. If we compare payments via the banks with payments via crypto, then crypto appears to be the best solution. Crypto is much faster, much cheaper and much more reliable. Moreover, thanks to technological developments in recent years it has become very easy to make crypto payments.

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No, they are not. ERC-20 tokens utilize the Ethereum blockchain. GTPLUS & GTFTA are implemented on the Stellar blockchain.
Due to the fact that the creation of ERC-20 tokens is easy and cheap, and many startups use it for their ICO’s, there is an overabundance of similar tokens in the market, making it significantly difficult for investors to pick the ones with real value. Today there are well over 190,000 ERC-20 based tokens, and that is one of the main reasons why GTPLUS & GTFTA use a different blockchain, namely that of Stellar.

Stellar is a cryptocurrency that ranks amongst the top 10 established digital currencies. the advantages it offers are:

● quick settlement. 3-5 seconds for a token holder to send the token to someone else.
● cheap transactions
● built in exchange with any other token, asset or currency in the network.
● optionally control of who can hold your token.
● ability to do voting, dividends or awards all in the same network.

For full information on Stellar see; https://www.stellar.org/