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Value of knowledge and training

the more we understand about ourselves, the mechanism of money and power the more we can do to attain self-improvement

Value through sharing

the more we share our hard earned lessons with others, the more confidence we gain, and lead by example

Value through growth

the more our community grows the more of a positive impact this has for all those who contribute

Our products.

Global Tech is active in different fields of technology: high-end trading bots, crypto mining and renewable energy. We firmly believe that well-used technology can go a long way in making our world a better place for everyone. We are continuously enhancing our products, developing new ones and collaborating with others to provide the best possible selection and diversity of products for our community. All of which have one common course of action, to improve people’s lives.

Our marketing.

As a participant in the sharing economy and knowledge economy it is our mission to create a loyalty rewards network that is meaningful, valuable and global, for all who participate in it and contribute to it. We believe it is much more beneficial for a company to share its benefits with all stakeholders (customers, employees, business partners, etc.) than to share it only among certain directors and shareholders. We believe that a network type of solution is more advantageous and fair for everyone, that is why it is only logical for Global Tech to use affiliate marketing for its business development. At Global Tech, our affiliates represent our strength, and our complete marketing model aims to achieve self-improvement in all aspects of our lives, personal and professional, with the objective to achieve life balance so as to be able to realize our goals with more ease and certainty. Affiliate marketing is a type of performance-based marketing in which a company rewards one or more affiliates for each visitor or customer brought by his/her own marketing efforts. Global tech's affiliate program is highly rewarding, depending on the level of one's dedication it can offers real value.

Global Market and Charity.

At Global Tech we believe that empowering ourselves and helping others, to attain self-improvement in all of life's aspects, should not be limited to any boundaries set forth by nations. Unfortunately various jusridictions, have regulations and laws that make it difficult for people in some countries to gain access to the benefits our technologies offer. That is why Global Tech supports a charity foundation, the United Care for Life Foundation, through which our affiliates can not only improve their own lives, but can also help other others who are less fortunate to access our technologies for the same benefits.

Training and evolution.

Joining a company like Global Tech can sometimes raise some questions. What will I have to do? How should I do this? Is this a lot of work? Can I also improve the lives of the people that are close to me (families, friends, ...)? Am I ready to improve my life? That’s why Global Tech works closely together with the Life Balance Academy. The Life Balance Academy will guide you and train you step by step. You will progress and improve your life constantly, but always in harmony with yourself. With each step, you will know what to do. Starting today with Global Tech and the Life Balance Academy, you will be able to work to improve your own life, and not just work to improve someone else’s.