Open your own Wallet!

Every Affiliate can open their own Wallet. Go to https://wallet.gti.ae/sessions/signup and register.

Login email address:

As a login you will be asked for your e-mail address. Use the email address of your Global Tech profile that is already KYC approved. Remember, only KYC-approved Affiliates can open a Wallet. Are you not yet KYC approved? Arrange this first via your Back Office. Note: if you use a different e-mail address the system cannot check whether you are already KYC approved, and your Wallet cannot be opened.

Gold or Platinum Affiliates with more than 1 Hash number:

These Affiliates only need 1 Wallet! After all, the Wallet is per person, not per Hash number. Check carefully whether your different Hash numbers also have different e-mail addresses (in the Global Tech system there is one e-mail per Hash code) and create your Wallet with one of these e-mail addresses.

The Wallet has been created:

1. You will see a blue bar with “Add Wallet” in it.

2. You use this to create a total of 3 Wallets: Bitcoin, GTPLUS and GTFTA.

Click on “Add Wallet” and select Bitcoin:

1. You give this Wallet a name, for example Bitcoin.

2. You confirm and after entering your password again the first Wallet appears.

You repeat this, but now select GTPLUS instead of Bitcoin.

This is how you create a second Wallet.

You repeat this again but now select GTFTA instead of Bitcoin.

This is how you create a third Wallet.

You go to your profile in the Global Tech Back Office.

1. You will find a field to enter the “Wallet ID” for your GTPLUS Wallet and your GTFTA Wallet.

2. If you click on “Receive” in Global Tech Pay, a pop-up window will open with 2 codes.

3. The first code is your Wallet Address. The second code is your Wallet ID.

4. You copy this Wallet ID and paste it into your profile in your Back Office.

5. (note: pasting is only possible via Ctrl-V)

You do this for both GTPLUS and GTFTA

Now you are ready for the transition to our Crypto Tokens (digital currency). As a reminder: for those who are not so familiar with crypto, the LBA has created a tutorial “The wonderful world of cryptocurrency.” See https://lbainternational.eloomi.com