Not everyone is familiar with cryptocurrency and how to use it, that is why have decided to provide proper guidance to our community through a collaboration with Life Balance Academy, who shares our principles and philosophy.
Crypto knowledge
Life Balance academy, also known as LBA will be providing information on cryptorelated topics relevant to our members. You will
not only understand cryptocurrency in theory but also receive guidance on how you can get involved and use GTPLUS & GTFTA tokens.
About Life Balance Academy
Life Balance Academy is an independent non-profit association formed in 2018 by a group of net-workers. Much in line with our philosophy and values, LBA wants to raise awareness regarding self-improvement in all aspects of our lives, personal and professional, with the objective to achieve life balance so as to be able to realize our goals with more ease and certainty. LBA members work together and with other partners in providing a diverse program, and training designed to assist anyone seriously interested in attaining the mindset and skills that may lead to self-improvement. Their work complements our’s, and it is through our combined efforts that our community is empowered with the proper guidance and tools.
To access the LBA Crypto Knowledge program, please conduct a sign-up at: