GTPLUS token and GTFTA token are interconnected through a network of individuals who share the common interest of finding methods and tools for self-improvement in all aspects of life.

GTPLUS is a loyalty token which serves the network members for GTI.

GTI’s mission is to create a loyalty rewards network that is meaningful, valuable, and global for its members and merchants alike. To achieve this, GTI is building an e-commerce marketplace and loyalty network that leverages blockchain technology to better reflect the utility that a modern loyalty rewards network should provide. Both GTIPLUS and GTFTA tokens are both meant to incentivize the GTI community.

Who can own GTPLUS tokens?

As a loyalty token, GTPLUS is generally owned by Global Tech community members. Due to the fact that it is a pegged token there is speculative aspect to GTPLUS which would make it attractive for speculators who want to trade it for a profit.


Supply: No Limit, tokens are issued as the loyalty program of Global Tech requires.

Trading Pairs: